Our unique team of specialists will consult you in choosing the best solution for your interior. We are eager to help you explore the limitless possibilities that this latest technology offers. Regardless of the architectural style of your home or your personal requirements you will only be limited by your own imagination in order to receive a product that is a true work of art. Our woodwork can inspire you in a way that you can make it the centerpiece of your home. You can turn it into a unique element of your home that will inspire and impress over and over again. Place your trust in the professionals, who have made creativity in windows and doors their mission.

german technology

Discover the famous German precision and quality.Our factory is specifically designed for wooden windows and door production with top class German wood processing machienery.All of the production technologies and equipment are German.The structure of the triple laminated wooden profiles guarantees the durability of our products.


Wood needs special care and its proper treatment is crucial for making our products durable and timeless. We have implemented into our production the best wood treatment system by the leading manufacturer in order to prevent wood decay and fungus. We guarantee rot-free and fungus-free structure of every wimdow and door.

Wood treatment system:

1. Natural Wood
2. Impregnation
3. Base Coat
4. Prime Coat
5. Finishing Coat


The secret of our woodwork’s beauty and quality lies in the fine selection of the best woods from around the world. We rely on global suppliers with a proven track record. They provide the finest quality woods and we transform them into remarkable windows and doors. The unique structure of the wood allows the profile to be properly treated. Our incredible selection of wood brings you beauty and durability.


Freedom is the key, regardless of whether it is about shape, choice of glass or movement. That is why our windows and doors are not only of the finest quality, but also they come in a huge variety and selection. You can choose among variants of rails opening not only sideways, but also from above, plated ones. Our frame will enhance your view of the world around you.


We are obsessed with quality. We ensure this every step of the way– from selecting the wood to creating the very last detail. “Quality” and “Attention to every detail” are key words in our philosophy. Precise control of the production process ensures we mean “excellentus”. Quality is the hallmark of Excellentus Windows & Doors, Inc.


United States

  • Energy star
  • NFRC

European Union

  • Energy star
  • CE
  • ISO 9001