Wood is a renewable resource as long as it is acquired from carefully sustained forests.

Our products are made of triple laminated profiles, which enhance the structure of the joinery making it more durable and preventing the frames from bending and warping.

Wood needs special care and its proper treatment is crucial for making our products durable and timeless. We have implemented into our production the best wood treatment system on the market in order to prevent our millwork from decay and fungus. We guarantee rot-free and fungus-free structure of every window and door.

Wood Species:

  • Meranti – tropical hardwood, an Asian mahogany species
  • Oak
  • Eucalyptus – FSC certified from carefully sustained forests

Our products come with high quality hardware by leading European manufacturers. This guarantees that our products have high stability and durability even with heavy sashes.

The tilt & turn system, with its superior characteristics, allows you to have three windows in one depending on the position you operate the handle. You can enjoy it as fixed window, in-swing around the vertical axis or tilt in around the horizontal axis for draft-free ventilation.

The multi-point locking hardware all around the perimeter of the sash ensures that the sash is hermetically sealed to the frame for perfect sound and thermal insulation. This system also provides high security and anti-storm characteristics.

Some of the other advantages are easy cleaning and low maintenance.

Thanks to the wide selection of opening types our fenestration products will enhance your view of the world around you.


Glass is the most vulnerable component of a door or a window and has a key role in their performance. The choice of glass must be specific for every climate and environment. At the same time, the glass needs to be safe and secure in case of any unpredictable weather conditions.

A wide range of float glass options from leading companies such as AGC Glass or Guardian Industries are available to meet the energy saving and noise reduction requirements of each environment. Our team of specialists is available to offer double or triple insulating glass units as per the requirements of each client and in conformity with each climate zone. Enhanced thermal insulation, solar control, acoustic insulation, safety and decoration are some of the available options that will create unique comfort in your home.

Stained Leaded Glass

  • Tiffany style
  • Fusing style

Wood treatment is a crucial factor for protecting the windows and doors from being influenced by the weather conditions. Therefore, we have chosen the best wood protection system on the market provided by an innovative company with over 100 years of experience.

Other products on the market build a transparent film that seals the wood surface, which makes it impossible for the wood to release water vapor. The coating ends up cracking and peeling off. With time, the coating looses flexibility which also leads to cracks. Maintenance requires removing old varnish coats (stripping, sanding)

All of our primers and finishes are water-based allowing the wood to “breathe” and making our products environmentally friendly with increased fire proof characteristics. They offer unsurpassed protection against fungi, UV, humidity and decay.

Our translucent finishes allow you to rediscover the natural pattern of the wood.


Our silicone sealants provide air and watertight seal on the outside and inside of the window. They adhere reliably to the wood without the need of a primer. The high performance silicone sealants are very flexible and as a result, they do not crack. They are highly UV-resistant and offer superior protection in virtually all weather conditions.

They are available in many colors to match perfectly with the color of our windows and doors.


Our insulating glass unit spacers comply with the strictest requirements of the energy saving regulations. They have been proven to be the best thermal spacers available on the market. Perfect thermal insulation ensures that no condensation will appear on the glass surface even if there is high difference between the inside and outside temperatures.

We have selected several colored spacers to match the color of the wood frame desired by the Customer.

The final result is a refined product that combines both looks and performance.


For many years now, our weather bars and precisely fitting end covers have been guaranteed to be a reliable wood protection and safe drainage of surface water. The thermally separated rail prevents moisture from coming into contact with wood.


Two weather gaskets run all around the perimeter of the sash to ensure it is hermetically sealed to the window frame for perfect acoustic and thermal insulation.

The main advantages are:

  • Age, weathering, UV, and ozone resistant thermoplastic elastometer foam
  • Temperature range from –40 to 356 F
  • Good deflection recovery
  • Hardly noticeable closing force