Lift & Slide HS

Generous access to the outdoors, lots of light and fresh air. Lift & Slide elements leading into the garden or onto the patio are very fashionable and their generous panes increase the quality of your lifestyle and your living conditions.
The HS PORTAL hardware range has been specially developed for large scale Lift & Slide solutions. Thanks to decades of development expertise its technology is so matured that even sash weights up to 400 kg can be safely, comfortably and very easily operated. Thus the new HS PORTAL technology allows unrestricted opening widths up to 12 meters.

The benefits of the HS PORTAL:

  • Available in the HS PORTAL 200 / 300 / 400 module system.
  • Safe, comfortable and maintenance free operation even at 400 kg sash weight.
  • The handicapped accessible threshold, with its high level of thermal insulation, goes far beyond the requirements of the energy-saving regulations.